Saturday, November 28, 2009

More cupcakes!

I've been slacking again at updating this blog :p
A couple of photos which should have been up 2 weeks ago and the first is cupcakes ordered by daddy dearest to Jaquita. Special request of a drawing of an Blackberry and VW Beetle. Birthday presents perhaps? :)

From Medina to her colleague

These I made for my kids' year end party at school. It's Oreo mousse at the bottom, layered with strawberry jelly and topped with fresh cream, sprinkled with crushed oreos. If anyone's interested, it's rm2.50 a cup.

A last minute order from Ms Rozana, introduced to me by Anor from Anorcupcakes. Anor was super busy so passed the order to me, thank you Anor :)
And what a nice surprise it was when I made the delivery, it was a familiar face!
I hope you like the combination of blue and green for little Zahin :)