Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some goodies over the past 2 months

Introducing The Cookie Jar's "Double Trouble"
Tease your taste buds to this perfect combination of brownie frosted with yummylicious cream cheese.
It will make you swoooon :)

Certain days we are so swamped with orders that we forget to snap pictures before the goodies are whisked away! We are terribly sorry for that but we would appreciate it so much if you could share your pictures with us, if u managed to snap one or two :)

Happy birthday to the cutest little girl. I hope you like the Barbie picture.
A 3kg chocolate brownie cake with fresh cream

A few hundred of these for the guests at a lucky baby boy's blessing ceremony.
A mixture of Tiffany blue and cream. Thank you Suhaila :)

A 3kg brownie cake ordered by the dashing Mr Rudi

This set went on a bus to Sibu :) arrived safely in one piece!

1.5kg brownie cake

These bunch of cookies for a birthday party.
Stars of assorted colors

Soccer balls, basketballs and superheroes

Princess crowns

Gowns in a few colors. The turquoise collection..

The Violet collection

Assorted colors

Flamingo pink collection

Princess Crown cookies are a popular choice in March. Here's for Anna who turned 6!

Assorted shapes for a 4 year old boy

A simple white cake for a boy who loves his cars :)

Another bunch for a baby girl's blessing ceremony

Happy birthday, Qayyum! Cakes and cookies for his friends at Tadika Sri Keria.

Over 200 of these for the hardworking staff of Nestle. Brownie with chocolate topping and brownie with cream cheese topping.

Happy birthday Neesha!

Must be a real nice Physic teacher! For Mr Kenny from everyone in 5C

This bag weighs over 3kg. Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

Erwin's party was filled with our "Double Trouble" brownie with cream cheese ! These 50 pieces are from Yvonne. And another cousin bought another 10 boxes!

A choo-choo colorful trains with sweet treats. Thank you to the mummy for the picture!

Fire engine cookies and cake

A pink hantaran

Aisha's pink and purple cake with cookies for her friends at kindie

No frills Brownie cheesecake, just for makan-makan!