Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's 2010! Happy New Year everyone :)

Well here we are in the new year and there's been ups and downs and a couple of tragic news. These past couple of weeks have been quite an eventful one which leads us to wonder what's in store for us this year. Good, bad.. hopefully good :)
January is coming to an end, but eventful or not, that doesn't stop us from going into our Cookie Jar kitchen to deliver our cakes and cookies.. :)
And also, I would like to say SORRY! for being so lame at posting up photos of your orders and sorrier still for losing half of this month and end of last year's photos when my CF card decided to die on me. So to those who's pictures of cupcakes I lost, soweeeee........
Here's what we've done so far in January 2010. Happy New Year peeps :D

Chanel is Melia's BFF

An order from KL, Wahizul, you are one romantic guy :)

Hope the kids like the Mario Farrah :) tq mem

For the young at heart, but must be willing to spend on the amount of M&Ms used

Tq Syeliza, tried to make this bunch as cute and beautiful as Wulan :)

Thx Lina, hope lucky hubby likes these :)
did he get his racquet?

Happy birthday Ezzryn!! This is the little lady I would like to apologize to the most.
I heard that you've been checking my blog daily for pictures of your cakes.
Sorry my dear, and whoops, I don't have any photos of your cookies ....Aunty very nyanyok lah.
I hope this is how you pictured your cake to be, covered with the drawings you requested :)

A green theme but must include Spongebob & dolphins :)

This cake has been pre-booked by Ameera since September last year :)
Happy 7th birthday my dear, I so enjoyed making this cake for u :)

Venno's racecar cookies for his friends and cousins

Thank you Zura, who's birthdays are next month? ;)

The biggest brownie cake we've baked so far.
Almost 6kg. Lorraine, I hope this cake didn't ruin your diet :)

Emmy, I thought you were some lovestruck teenager :)

Wandie and wife was so happy with the cake it almost made me cry. So nice when someone really appreciates your work :)
tq tq tq :D

Don't let the name fool ya. Dugong is an absolute darling!

I had to hide this from my son, who's also a #1 fan of Ben10.
Tq Annie's friend, this sure is a huge party :)